Milesight Solenoid Valve Controller UC512


2 * Solenoid Interfaces
1 * Pulse Interface (Support 2 Pulse Meters)
Power Option:
3 * 9000mAh Replaceable Li-SoCl2 Battery
IP67 rated

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Power SupplyRechargeable 4900 mAh battery with solar panel 1 month battery life without charging (Class C)Non-rechargeable Replaceable 19000 mAh Li-SOCI2 battery Up to 3-year battery life (Class A)
Solenoid lnterface2 ×2-Wire 12 VDC Latching Solenoid
Dimension120.1 ×120.1 ×55.4 mm (4.73×4.73×2.18 in)
Ingress ProtectionlP67
operating Temperature-20~60°c